Bicron Micro Analyst Micro R Survey Meter - Geiger Counter

Bicron Micro Analyst SCA Micro R/hr Scintillator Geiger
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  • Item #: MTS1029
  • Manufacturer: Bicron
  • Condition: Used

Bicron Micro Analyst

Micro R/hr Scintillator Geiger

Portable Micro-Analyst micro R survey meter with internal NaI (Tl) scintillation detector, built-in audio, HV readout on the meter plus a single-channel analyzer with readout.

Features -

  • Radiation Detected:
  • Range: 0-5000 FR/h in four linear ranges
  • Accuracy: 20% and 100% of full scale on any rangeDetector: Scintillator
  • Electronically stabilized
  • Warmup Time: None

Very well maintained, plastic protective coating still on face.

Made in USA

gamma, X-ray
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