5-1/2" Dial Bore Gage, Mahr, Dyer, Master Setting Ring

5.50" Bore Gage, Dyer, Setting Ring, Indicating Plug Bore
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  • Item #: MTS2857
  • Manufacturer: Dyer
  • Condition: Used

5.5000" Dyer Plug Style Bore Gage

Series 240 Indicating with Mahr Compramess

MTG 5.5000" Setting Ring Gage


  • Mfg.: Dyer
  • Series: 240
  • Sleeve Size: 5.5000"
  • Indicator: Mahr Compramess 0.0001" Resolution
  • Ring Gage: MTG 5.5000"
  • Gauge R AND R

Dyer’s 240 Series indicating plug gages are used for repetitive bore measurement applications or dedicated high volume production runs.

Very well maintained, complete as pictured

Made in USA

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