Davidson Optronics D-622 Autocollimation Spindle Mirror

Davidson D-622 Adjustable Spindle Reference Mirror
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  • Item #: MTS0524
  • Manufacturer: Davison Optronics
  • Condition: Used

Adjustable Spindle Reference Mirror

Autocollimation Davidson D-622

Features -

  • First surface mirror mounted in a kinematic adjustable housing.
  • Three magnets are located on the rear surface of the base plate for attachment when the spindle is not desired.
  • Kinematic adjustment with extra fine threads
  • Flexibility for aligning jigs and fixtures
  • Mechanical or magnetic attachment
  • Large reflective surface for autocollimation.
  • 2-1/2" aperture diameter.
  • Flatness: 1/5 Fringe.
  • Surface Quality: 80/50 per MIL-O-13830.
  • Mirror: Pyrex Glass.
  • Coating: Aluminum with protective overcoat per MIL-M-13508.
  • Overall Height: 3".
  • Overall Diameter: 4-1/8".
  • Includes optional 1-inch diameter solid steel arbor.

Outside of case shows some aging, mirror very well maintained. 

Made in USA

  • Code: D-622
  • Inspection Equipment: Autocollimation
  • Style: Spindle Reference Mirror
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