Wild Heerbrugg T2000 Theodolite - Total Station

Wild Heerbrugg T2000 Theodolite
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  • Item #: MTS0650
  • Manufacturer: Wild Heerbrugg
  • Condition: Used

Wild Heerbrugg T2000 Theodolite

Perfect for x,y measurement, Angles, Distance measurement:

Standard deviation (accordingly DIN18723): Hz/V: 0.15mgon (0.5'') Telescope: Objective aperture: 42mm Magnification at 8 focus: 32x with FOK73 (42x with FOK53) Shortest focus distance: 1.7m Field of view at 1000m: 27m (1°33').

Last calibrated in 2001 by Surveyors Service. Not sure where the power cord for recharging is, sorry.

Includes Theodolite, Case, Cover. Perfect for surveyors, machinists that need demanding precision measurements using triangulation.

FOB: Troy, Mi.,

Made in Switzerland.

  • MFG: Wild Heerbrugg
  • Model: T2000
  • Optics: Theodolite
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